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Yes, we have socks! Dad’s birthday socks are ready to be wrapped.

Those pink threads are life lines in case the socks need a little lengthening or shortening. Doesn’t Sweetgeorgia dye the best dark blue around? In some lights it looks a bit blue-grey, in others blue-green, but it always looks complex and beautiful. In a manly way.

Pattern: Retro Rib Socks by Vintage Vogue (ravelry link here)
Yarn: SweetGeorgia Tough Love Sock (80% superwash wool, 20% nylon) in Riptide


Enough with the pink already! I’m not a huge fan of the colour, it just happened this way.

These are the first pair of socks I’ve made, and they’re so cozy. I don’t recall ever having a pair of handknit socks; if I’d known how nice it is to have my feet wrapped up in these little gems, I’d have finished knitting them six months ago. Actually, they’re a tiny bit too large, so the next pair will be made with one size smaller needles.

My wise spinning teacher, Irene, once warned me to always knit socks with yarn that has some nylon content, for strength. I don’t normally endorse synthetics but I don’t want to wear holes in my socks by next week. So this will be my test – the SweetGeorgia yarn I’ve used has 20% nylon. I might try to make a pair in the future with a yarn that has some silk content; silk is tough and I suspect it might be just as effective as nylon.

Pattern: Retro Rib Socks by Evelyn Clark (ravelry link here)
Yarn: SweetGeorgia Tough Love Sock (80% superwash wool, 20% nylon)

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