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Last year at this time, we were in a hipster restaurant when a group of people in Halloween costumes came in. One guy was wearing what looked like my grandma’s armchair; his face peered out of a hole cut into the back of the chair, and his arms and body were puffy with upholstery. As his friends sat at their table, he reached under his bum, tipped out two hinged wooden chair legs, and leaned back and sat. He *became* a chair – I don’t know if my description has done it justice, but it was brilliant. The rest of the restaurant broke into applause at his Halloween cleverness.

I love Halloween, but I’ve come to two realizations over the years: 1. I want to be chair guy, who goes all out with a great costume every year; and 2. I’m too cheap and too introverted to ever be chair guy. So this year, I’m keeping it small and simple, and doing what I do best: knitting!

It’s Max. From Where the Wild Things Are, less the 2009 movie and more the 1960s book. It’s just a toque/beanie with big wolf ears, and (soon to come) a felted crown; pattern by tinyowlknits. I may go all out and draw some whiskers on my face. And if people don’t know Where the Wild Things Are, that’s ok because I’ll just say I’m a crown-wearing goblin.


Ok, it’s not that cold here yet. But I’m ready. Last winter, ears cold, I had the shocking revelation that I only have one toque/beanie/winter hat. It’s a ratty old crocheted thing that I bought in the university SUB about, oh, five years ago. I’m almost embarrassed to write this. For all my knitting, I’ve never managed to produce a hat for myself. And then, in that way we tend to overcompensate, I had visions of dozens of hats to choose from, one for each winter outfit! That’s not going to happen, but at least now I have one.

I owe much of the inspiration to start knitting again a few years ago to Rowan (and to Felicia at Sweetgeorgia, but that’s a story for another time). The first pattern magazine I bought was a Rowan. It was in 2007, I don’t know where I got it, and I was totally shocked to find that people were writing fashionable knitting patterns. Really amazing patterns. Despite an early slip-up buying a gross railroad yarn (which I still inexplicably have in my bottom desk drawer, and which I find every few years and am still surprised that I would have spent any amount of money on), I was quickly hooked on Rowan Felted Tweed before I was much of a knitter at all. And then Kidsilk Haze, and Kid Classic, and etc. For all my support of artisans, tiny companies, slow movements, and locally made…big ol’ Rowan is my desert island yarn, the one I would choose if I could only have one.

So, I bought a ball of the new Rowan Drift about two minutes after it went on the yarn shop shelves. You saw the start of my Rapunzel hat here, and now it’s done. It’s a little large, but not at all unwearable. I hope we get four feet of snow this winter!

>>You should know that this pattern included long braids – not my thing, but go for it if your mom always cut your hair before it got past your shoulders, and you’ve always wondered what long princess braids are like.

Pattern: Free Rapunzel! by Tiny Owl Knits (Ravelry link here)
Yarn: Rowan Drift (100% merino wool) in 908 Shore

Also, I’m excited to go to Knit Social’s yarn swap next Thursday evening in Vancouver, and have been going through my stash ruthlessly. Hope to see you there. I have some railroad yarn to trade.

Knitting doesn’t slow down in hot weather for me. I just can’t stop. I’ve already polished off two new knits in the last few weeks despite our sauna-like apartment. So, I’ll have photos of both, finished, later this week.

But I’ve also been pouring my efforts into a project that I’m very proud and hopeful about: my very own tiny company. It’s been hard to write posts without giving it away, which unfortunately I’m still not quite ready to do. But it’s small and knitterly and I think you’re going to like it. So until then, here’s another designer’s project on the needles, the start of a free rapunzel hat as I continue my little affair with tiny owl knits:

The Christmas knits are waiting to be wrapped, the last chocolates and goodies will be purchased today, and I only need to get a bit more wrapping paper. I’m almost ready for Christmas!

One of the Christmas knits was finished in November, and gifted early because, well, it was freezing cold here. So cold that not even his great head of curly hair could keep him warm: Camilo needed his hat in a bad way. We managed to snap some photos during some afternoon sunshine on Sunday.

Pattern: Koolhaas by Jared Flood
Yarn: Mission Falls 1824 Wool

And the really good news is that I can now proceed with holiday knitting of the relaxing kind – my reindeer sweater only needs a few more days of attention, and Bella’s Mitts are pretty high in the queue…

Ok, time for a new post, if only to detract from the attention last week’s post generated over my…butt.  Come on, people, look at the sweater! Ha – it wasn’t really my intention to strike a Colombian beauty queen pose, as one person phrased it, but I guess that’s what I did. I blame the photographer.

Isn’t this colour amazing? This is Blue Sky Alpacas Alpaca Silk blend, being knit into a beret as a birthday gift for J. The pattern is Laura Irwin’s Argyle Lace hat and I hope to finish it up this week. I’ve been reluctant to use a high content alpaca yarn because it’s a fibre that doesn’t have a lot of elasticity. You may have experienced this problem if you’ve had linen pants or a linen sweater that became unattractively droopy after several wears. But I thought that it was time to give alpaca a try, especially when it’s so soft…and so red.

Yesterday, my friend Lisa and I went to the sweetgeorgia open house. I am amazed at what Felicia has done in only two months – the studio was filled with bright, beautiful yarns, roving, and weaving. Of course, I couldn’t leave empty handed:

sweetgeorgia goodies

bfl roving and a little silk sample

I realize that there’s a lot of pink in this blog…I guess this is my pink phase. I’m usually not attracted to pink but when it’s this saturated and juicy looking, I can’t resist.

And my own handspun? I knit it up, as promised, into a little lace baby hat. It’s not really baby-soft, but I haven’t spun any merino or silk yet.

baby hat

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