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You know I love a good cardigan, right? Well, I’m really excited about this one.

I wanted to design a solid cardigan with a shawl collar and a big cable up the back. It would be cozy, not too fitted, medium length, and knit out of dk-weight yarn. A quick search on Ravelry found almost exactly what I had been thinking of…already designed by Thea Colman.

That’s just life, I guess, and never one to turn down a good cardigan, I bought the pattern and cast on.

This cardi’s going to be awesome!


I’ve been following some knitting on Ravelry that both amuses and amazes me.

You know tiny owl knits? I love her designs, especially the beekeeper’s quilt. Every time I see it I wish I’d had the idea first. It’s about a zillion little hexagon-shapes in different colours and patterns, stuffed and sewed together to make a blanket. Everyone loves these cute multicolour hexipuffs. Can you believe that there are 1269 projects? It’s such a huge thing to knit!

But what I really love is that people aren’t just making the quilt, they’re adapting the puffs into all kinds of things: chair cushions, cat toys, earrings, Christmas decorations, pillows; people make their own charted designs for the puffs and share them with others…really, it’s all quite weird and delightful. It’s such a big project that I don’t think anyone has finished a quilt yet – but so far there are at least a few happy cats.

Also see Stephanie’s cool designs at

I completed some knitting for a deadline recently, and had the usual shock you get from coming to a full stop. I tried to take a break. And I did, a bit: barbecuing anything that wouldn’t fall through the grill, taking photos with my birthday Diana Mini, and getting outside. But I couldn’t just sit around not knitting, could I? Because there are things I’ve been wanting to make but couldn’t…they’ve been calling to me.

Yesterday I cast on a shrug for a store sample – it should be finished quickly, so stop by Urban Yarns to have a look if you’re in the neighbourhood.

I switched up the yarn I was using for a Honey Cowl, and there’s a pile of toffee-coloured Madelinetosh yarn ready for a Dark and Stormy cardigan. I brought home a ball of Rowan Drift for a hat. I really haven’t had a problem starting things.

But I also feel stuck on what to do next. I have so many ideas for my own designs that I’m not sure where to start them. I think I need an originality holiday, just to let ideas simmer and develop on their own – which is ok. There are so many amazing patterns out there that, for now, I’m happy to let other clever designers do the thinking for me.



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