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I’m excited to announce my new company, Caribou Knits.

This project started as a little spark quite some time ago, and has slowly become a reality over the past six months. Caribou Knits will start by offering a small selection of handknitting patterns that will shortly include a new pattern in Twist Collective Winter 2011. I’m very excited and hope that old and new readers will enjoy the designs and knitterly updates.

This will be the last post on the Anniesue blog, and I would be thrilled if you would have a look at the new website and continue to read posts on the new blog. And please don’t forget to update your bookmarks and feed readers when you get there!


A little round up of beautiful things; although I don’t usually do posts like this, these are so summery and happy:

Patricia Brown’s knit sea urchins
Smelling like a rose
Dreaming of Marrakesh
And a camera to take there
A graphic design workshop in Italy
Grilled pizzas for dinner, then grilled mango and pineapple for dessert
A crocheted top called Esme from an oldish Rowan magazine

A break from knitting found me at the Reifel Bird Sanctuary in Delta last weekend.

That KT, she’s a sock-knitting machine (not to mention, she has photos of cute goats on her blog!). I’ve knit a whole 1.5 pairs of socks and I can’t say these three socks were my favourite knitting projects – but KT inspired me, so here I go with a pair of birthday socks for my dad.

At first, I couldn’t decide which was more frustrating: the good old double pointed needles (how do they end up underneath each other, every round, without fail? It’s like an Escher staircase), or my new 9″ circular. But I’m coming around to the circular. Without a hint of exaggeration, this 2.5mm needle is like two metal toothpicks joined by a cable. I was all fumbly and hunched over like a kid writing a two-hour exam with a 1″ pencil stub. There was nothing to hold onto! The needles are so little that my fingers kept slipping onto the cable.

Yet, suddenly it was time to knit the heel. How did I get here so fast? Oh, it must be my speedy little circular needle! I might get these socks done on time after all.

More from the sanctuary: a house sparrow.

Things are a bit frantic around here, with half-packed suitcases, papers to be filed, and laundry to be washed strewn across the house. We’re going to Taiwan! Not so exciting on the knitting front, but definitely exciting if you’re interested in food, hot springs, pottery, and tea.

So in the meantime, I’ve got a whole bunch of unfinished bits and pieces, some of which will hopefully be finished on the plane.

That’s all for a few weeks – see you in December.

That’s my attempt at Japanese – I hope I haven’t offended half the nation inadvertently. L. and M. (yes, I mean you, M.!) have been in Japan for a few weeks, and I’ve had the chance to visit vicariously through some of the fun photos emailed back.

My favourite: little Jizo statues kept warm with knitted caps. There’s something so poignant about this to me – maybe it’s the strange shapes that some of them had to be knit in to fit the stony heads.

Today, the Canadian dollar was worth $0.999 US.

I don’t usually pay much attention to economic indicators – if I do, I usually end up in a tirade about the disasterous shortcomings of the capitalist system in general – but then I moseyed on over to Selvedge. I love Selvedge. I think it’s one of the best magazines for textile news and inspiration. It’s beautiful. And they have really great new rates for US subscribers, because they’re now also printing in the US.

But not for Canada. It’s $60 more for a Canadian subscription! $60. That’s $59.97 US.

I’m so grumpy about this.

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