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Last year at this time, we were in a hipster restaurant when a group of people in Halloween costumes came in. One guy was wearing what looked like my grandma’s armchair; his face peered out of a hole cut into the back of the chair, and his arms and body were puffy with upholstery. As his friends sat at their table, he reached under his bum, tipped out two hinged wooden chair legs, and leaned back and sat. He *became* a chair – I don’t know if my description has done it justice, but it was brilliant. The rest of the restaurant broke into applause at his Halloween cleverness.

I love Halloween, but I’ve come to two realizations over the years: 1. I want to be chair guy, who goes all out with a great costume every year; and 2. I’m too cheap and too introverted to ever be chair guy. So this year, I’m keeping it small and simple, and doing what I do best: knitting!

It’s Max. From Where the Wild Things Are, less the 2009 movie and more the 1960s book. It’s just a toque/beanie with big wolf ears, and (soon to come) a felted crown; pattern by tinyowlknits. I may go all out and draw some whiskers on my face. And if people don’t know Where the Wild Things Are, that’s ok because I’ll just say I’m a crown-wearing goblin.


For a number of reasons, I’ve been away from the blog for the last few weeks. There have been some changes around here, to say the least. I:

1. Left my job – what I considered my first grownup, long-term job – at a landscape architecture office in Vancouver. It was just time. That’s not to say it was an easy decision, but I think it was the right one…I’d been thinking about it for awhile, and I’ve got lots of plans, both non-work (fixing the damn kitchen faucet, making progress on the exercise front, cooking healthy food again) and work (trying out some business ideas, designing, knitting).

2. Signed up for a summer typography class at Emily Carr. What can I say, being a student is what I do best.

While on Granville Island, I had to swing past Maiwa Supply and look at their Manos display. Just to look. Juuuust looking…

3. Picked up some knitting again – both the birthday socks and casting on a Damson shawl (shown in the top photo) with the Madelinetosh I was so excited about a few months ago. It’s hard to say how it will come out; the individual blues, browns, and greys are amazing but I worry a bit about the mud effect.

Urban Yarns is hosting a Clapo-tea Party on May 6, but just to be different I think I’ll bring my Damson shawl. Speaking of Urban Yarns –

Kynna gets ahold of my camera and photodocuments Urban Yarns sample monsters

So all in all the spring cleaning has been a bit extreme this year, but needed. Sometimes I think that people my age have a kind of learned-ADD; being taught we have so many options and that we can do whatever we want to do, we’ve taken it to the extreme and can’t settle on just one or two things.  I can’t comment on whether that’s good or bad – I’m just an in-progress demo. But it feels right to have all these changes happen this spring, doesn’t it?

I think I’ll save the post I was going to share for another week. Now isn’t quite the time to discuss cabling methods and purl stitches. The tsunami in Japan, apart from making me worry about a friend’s family, has made me think about both the frivolity and the seriousness of the content of this blog.

Japan, things will never be the same. May you recover quickly.

Red Cross Japan Tsunami Relief here and here.


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