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Maybe you can tell how excited I am about a project by the amount of time it takes me to blog about it. Usually, I finish something and I’m so thrilled that I have to get a photo right away and post it.

My Damson shawl was finished back in May, and you might recall that I was lukewarm about the colour from the start. By the time I had finished and blocked, the colour had grown on me. But it turns out my real gripe is that it’s tiny* and I found myself adjusting it every 20 minutes so that it doesn’t fall off. A shawl pin would help…I think I’ll have kinder feelings towards Damson once fall weather rolls around.

The yarn, on the other hand, was so soft and springy; I enjoyed working with it, despite what I’ve recently learned about the superwash process. Are you reading, madelinetosh? I’d love it if you offered more non-superwash yarns…

Pattern: Damson by Ysolda Teague (Ravelry link here)
Yarn: Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light in Earl Grey

* Not sure if tininess is the problem, or if it’s more of a length vs. depth issue. The top edge of Damson has increases on both sides, not just the right side as with other shawls I’ve knit. This gives it a deep v-shape at the neck, yet the ‘arms’ still aren’t long enough to get a good wrap-around. Get it?


I’m slowly making my way though the edging of Rock Island – 40 of 71 repeats done so far. This is going to be one large shawl!

I think it’s finally spring here. We’re going to celebrate by going camping on the Sunshine Coast this weekend.

Not quite dry yet…and I still can’t decide about those colours.

I knew I needed my 4mm needle for the upcoming Rock Island cast on, so even though I was using it for the Damson shawl, it was no big deal. I was going to put it on some waste yarn. Then something came over me: why not just finish Damson to free the needle?

I put in so many knitting hours this past week that I finally had to teach myself to knit continental to save my poor cramped right hand. I predict a Carson Demers workshop is in my future – the one on how to knit without hurting yourself.

Still trying to reserve judgement until I can wear it, but I’m fairly unenthusiastic about this one. The size is a bit small, which I knew going into it; usually I find more substantial shawls to be more stylish. Good thing my needle is free to start gargantuan Rock Island tonight.

So…with me quitting my old job and working less, it was only a matter of time before the yarn cannibalism began. Here’s what I’m thinking:

A few women at Urban Yarns had the great idea of doing a Jared Flood knitalong (it was originally the Rock Island shawl knitalong, but one of us wanted to do the Terra shawl instead). I’ve actually been a bit lukewarm on Rock Island, but couldn’t find a yarn I loved for Terra. I got a little more excited about Rock Island once I found some beautiful golden/orange Sweetgeorgia lace, but my wallet-opening muscle has been feeling overextended. And then it came to me:

It’s the Hanami Stole, started two years ago with Zephyr Wool-Silk in a tourmaline blue. I’m never going to finish this. Because I’m never going to wear it. And I don’t want to gift it, because I’d have to invest another few hundred hours to finish it. It’s a vicious cycle. It took forever to get this far and I hadn’t worked on it for so long that I’d actually put it in a ziplock so the bugs wouldn’t move in.

Zephyr’s a pretty nice yarn and I definitely have enough even for gigantic Rock Island (68″ wingspan!? Can that be right?). So in the spirit of frugality: let the frogging begin!

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