Just a few quick notes on our camping/hiking trip on the Sunshine Coast –

There are lots of artists here, including Yvonne Stowell, a fibre artist and the woman behind the FibreWorks Studio & Gallery. In a series of yurts! It was too dark to take photos inside, but trust me: one of the yurts was stuffed full of beautiful handspun yarns.

There’s a bit of hiking, and lots of kayaking and diving. The view of Pender Harbour from the top of Mt. Daniel shows what a maze of land and water it is.

Wish I’d bought this at the Sechelt Farmers Market, but it’s kind of hard when you’re camping. I’ve never eaten sea asparagus and I’d like to try it. I bet it’s insanely good for you. And salty…mmm.

More things for sale at the farmers market. Garlic greens, flowers, and lovely bottles/vases by Miyuki Shinkai. I love the sense of community and relaxed, quiet pace here. I’ll just go ahead and say it: little towns kick city ass any day!