So…with me quitting my old job and working less, it was only a matter of time before the yarn cannibalism began. Here’s what I’m thinking:

A few women at Urban Yarns had the great idea of doing a Jared Flood knitalong (it was originally the Rock Island shawl knitalong, but one of us wanted to do the Terra shawl instead). I’ve actually been a bit lukewarm on Rock Island, but couldn’t find a yarn I loved for Terra. I got a little more excited about Rock Island once I found some beautiful golden/orange Sweetgeorgia lace, but my wallet-opening muscle has been feeling overextended. And then it came to me:

It’s the Hanami Stole, started two years ago with Zephyr Wool-Silk in a tourmaline blue. I’m never going to finish this. Because I’m never going to wear it. And I don’t want to gift it, because I’d have to invest another few hundred hours to finish it. It’s a vicious cycle. It took forever to get this far and I hadn’t worked on it for so long that I’d actually put it in a ziplock so the bugs wouldn’t move in.

Zephyr’s a pretty nice yarn and I definitely have enough even for gigantic Rock Island (68″ wingspan!? Can that be right?). So in the spirit of frugality: let the frogging begin!