A break from knitting found me at the Reifel Bird Sanctuary in Delta last weekend.

That KT, she’s a sock-knitting machine (not to mention, she has photos of cute goats on her blog!). I’ve knit a whole 1.5 pairs of socks and I can’t say these three socks were my favourite knitting projects – but KT inspired me, so here I go with a pair of birthday socks for my dad.

At first, I couldn’t decide which was more frustrating: the good old double pointed needles (how do they end up underneath each other, every round, without fail? It’s like an Escher staircase), or my new 9″ circular. But I’m coming around to the circular. Without a hint of exaggeration, this 2.5mm needle is like two metal toothpicks joined by a cable. I was all fumbly and hunched over like a kid writing a two-hour exam with a 1″ pencil stub. There was nothing to hold onto! The needles are so little that my fingers kept slipping onto the cable.

Yet, suddenly it was time to knit the heel. How did I get here so fast? Oh, it must be my speedy little circular needle! I might get these socks done on time after all.

More from the sanctuary: a house sparrow.