Although baby knits always seem fun and satisfying to me in theory, in practice I haven’t had great success. I tend to worry a lot about the quality and/or practicality of the baby duds I knit. Will mom like the sweater, or will it be placed in the back of a drawer and forgotten? Or the superwash debate: will the item be worn on the baby’s body in a place that it will easily become encrusted with drool/spit-up/mashed carrots, requiring frequent spins in the wash? Or can I risk using that beautiful alpaca and wool blend that needs to be handwashed? But sizing is the worst.

Babies are so uncooperative, often doubling in size between breakfast and lunch. My estimates of baby size are usually pretty inaccurate, especially if the garment is only really practical to wear two or three seasons from now. I thought I would go with a hat this time and knit it in superwash wool. Pretty simple. It’s not luxurious cashmere booties to be sure, but it’ll keep a baby head warm in October…if her head is 41cm circumference by then…

Pattern: DROPS b16-13 Hat (ravelry link here)
Yarn: Spud & Chloe Fine (80% superwash wool, 20% silk)