Now that all recipients have received their gifts, I feel it’s safe to post some photos of the project that has occupied a significant amount of my knitting time over the last month. Last year, when I saw Melynda’s French Press Felted Slippers, it was too late for me to whip up a few pairs as holiday gifts. But I didn’t forget, and managed to knit up several pairs for some deserving recipients this Christmas. Of course, I needed to knit a test pair for myself as well.

Melynda’s suggestion is to use puff paint to paint grippy lines on the bottoms for traction. Man, there’s a blast from the 80s…I used some leather scraps instead, applied to the points where your foot contacts the floor: success!

They’re cozy and cute for sure; my only complaint is they generate a wee bit of static. Seriously, I feel like Peter from the Family Guy shuffling around in his staticky pyjamas and giving people shocks. Apart from this, I think they’re pretty cool and I hope those who received them as gifts do, too.

Happy Holidays, everyone! I’m off to eat more than my fair share of Ferrero Rochers, stuffing, and Japanese oranges. See you in the new year.