I know it seems like there are only tumbleweeds blowing through this blog lately…but please don’t give up on me! It’s Christmas-knitting season, and even though I’ve been a knitting machine lately, I’m afraid more than a few surprises will be ruined if I post photos of the latest and greatest.

So I resurrected the Cowichan-style sweater, which has been neglected since March. If you remember, I doctored the pattern to knit the body in one piece. Not a smart move if you consider knitting all four intarsia reindeer at once. It was a mess and I ripped out the deer twice. But for the third try, I’m doing a hybrid fair isle/intarsia combination that seems to be working out much better. I think I’ll take it to knit night on Friday to confirm with Alexa that I haven’t done it the most difficult way possible; but it won’t matter in any case, since the deer will be finished tonight.