Ever since L. sent me this link last week, I suspect I have singlehandedly increased Les Soeurs Anglaises website traffic by 200%. I’ve pored over every image, read each workshop description multiple times (especially the ones for knitting and textile workshops), and gotten dreamy-eyed over the cuisine.

wouldn't you like to stay here and knit? from Les Soeurs Anglaises

Sadly, I was much too late for this year’s knitting workshop by Claire Montgomery. It sounded great and if they offer it next year, I’m not sure I’ll be able to resist.

I don’t know when I started dreaming about France; it might have been when I watched Amélie the first time, or when I learned about Versailles in a landscape architecture history class, or those ‘British people retiring in southern France’ shows on the Home & Garden channel (actually quite funny; I could never figure out if his name was Nippi or Lippi until just now), but this is fuel on the fire. Apparently knitting isn’t as big in France as it is in other parts of Europe or North America, but I’m told there are some fine little knitting shops in Paris…thanks, L., for taking France and knitting to a whole new level!