What’s up this week? At first I thought I had nothing to post about, until I scrolled though the photos on my camera.

There’s the photo of the new batch of Big Wool I purchased in a lovely orange. Sorry to be secretive, but I promise I’ll talk about the ongoing Big Wool project soon…

There were lots of photos from a tree nursery tour last week. In my other life, as you may know, I’m a landscape designer. The best part of the job is looking at plants – you know, the equivalent of a knitter getting to tour the Rowan design studio, maybe?

I’m trying to use my camera more – to take it with me to avoid those ‘I wish I had a camera right now’ moments – especially since I had a brief panic where I thought I had broken it. I love this camera; I don’t think you can buy the Nikon D40 new anymore (in Canada, anyway), and the D3000 that replaced it is apparently terrible. So when I realized it was working just fine, I felt a new-found appreciation for my little camera. More knitting photos coming soon!