Last week, I took a one-day course by Cameron Taylor-Brown as part of Interlacement 2010, a weaving symposium in Vancouver. Let me first say that I haven’t been weaving this year, so I was a little nervous about being the only person there who had forgotten how to dress a loom. Fortunately, we learned how to use something called the Ashenhurst Formula to calculate sett (on paper) and my cover wasn’t blown.

The other half of the workshop was dedicated to ‘spicing up’ warps.

Cameron demonstrated a tie-in board for adding accent colours to an existing warp

The homemade tie-in board

Cameron is a yarn distributor, and so has bags and bags of single or discontinued skeins…a huge rainbow of colours and fibres to play with. Lucky. She brought a few bags with her, and we spent the rest of the afternoon doing yarn wraps to help understand colour proportion and harmony in weaving warps.

Wrappings to explore the addition of colours and textures to a base yarn

Having done this before at a Maiwa workshop, to me it underlined the importance of playing and testing before making decisions for a project. It also made me think that if Vancouver knitters and weavers got together once in awhile to swap leftover skeins and spare colours, we could all have an amazing resource to experiment and make our work better…