Short rows, in the past you’ve eluded me for reasons I can’t quite explain. I understood the idea of wrapping stitches and turning. I admired the way you smooth out edges and make sweaters so nicely shaped in the boob area. You made sense to me, yet I just couldn’t figure out where to put you to achieve these things in my knitting.

But now I have cracked the code. After a few hours of reading, watching youtube tutorials, and reverse engineering, I understand how to use you to create a perfect, smooth neck band that can be bound off in one fell swoop. No more ugly stepping from casting off shorter and shorter rows; most people won’t even know you’re there, short rows, but I’ve squeezed you in in all your subtle glory and I consider this a major milestone in my knitting self-education.

Sneaky short rows, you might elude beginner knitters with your simplicity, but Paula Ward has you figured out. And now, so have I.