Here’s the little hat I finished a few weeks ago for Jenn’s birthday. It was fairly quick to knit, although I modified the pattern to lose the buttons that ran all up the side in favour of just the two on the brim. I then fought with the question: to bobble, or not to bobble? Not sure I’m a big fan of the bobble; they remind me of too-bulky sweaters with fancy cables that, as children, we were sometimes required to wear to Christmas parties…anyway, I bobbled. It’s ok.

Argyle Lace Hat by Laura Irwin
Blue Sky Alpacas Alpaca & Silk

The rest of the hat, though, was fun to knit. I can, so far, whole-heartedly endorse Blue Sky Alpacas. It’s so soft, easy to knit, has a subtle halo, and these guys have some of the most attractive colourways around. I know this because I’ve walked a dozen circles around Urban Yarns, and I always end up standing in front of the Blue Sky wall.