Ok, time for a new post, if only to detract from the attention last week’s post generated over my…butt.  Come on, people, look at the sweater! Ha – it wasn’t really my intention to strike a Colombian beauty queen pose, as one person phrased it, but I guess that’s what I did. I blame the photographer.

Isn’t this colour amazing? This is Blue Sky Alpacas Alpaca Silk blend, being knit into a beret as a birthday gift for J. The pattern is Laura Irwin’s Argyle Lace hat and I hope to finish it up this week. I’ve been reluctant to use a high content alpaca yarn because it’s a fibre that doesn’t have a lot of elasticity. You may have experienced this problem if you’ve had linen pants or a linen sweater that became unattractively droopy after several wears. But I thought that it was time to give alpaca a try, especially when it’s so soft…and so red.