The problem with teaching yourself things is that you miss out on time-saving tips and, sometimes, teach yourself an incorrect method. Fair isle: not too bad. I flipped through several books and experimented a bit before getting it, more or less (the x and o pattern below is done in fair isle). But intarsia? I fought, and ripped, and felt like throwing the bobbins in the trash. You can see the intarsia reindeer below, a little messy

Leaping reindeer on the cowichan-inspired sweater

On Friday, L. and I took a 1-hour knitting lesson at Urban Yarns to wrestle the intarsia demon to the ground. Alexa’s fantastic advice was to either knit each individual reindeer fair isle, or to use a combination of fair isle on the legs and intarsia on the rest. So I’m going to rip out this:

Intarsia reindeer legs: a herculean feat before I learned better

…and re-knit bobbin-free fair isle deer. It made me realize that I need to be a bit more social if I’m going to improve as a knitter; I picked up several much-needed tips just being in the store and talking to the great people that work there. Plus, they had a yarn-tasting with luxurious bits of qiviuk (muskox), possum, and yak that made me want to whip out my wallet – somehow, I restrained myself until I can find a pattern.