Awhile back, I stumbled upon this old post by Ysolda. It made me really laugh because, like her, I was too stubborn to ask for help when I was first learning to knit. I also knit my whole first sweater with the knit stitches backwards.

blue tweed and green solid...not the most inspired combo

So, in the spirit of Ysolda’s post, I dragged out an old unfinished project that would have benefited greatly from a little advice. This is Eowyn from Rowan 38, a lovely little pair of fingerless lace gloves. I can’t remember why, but instead of knitting with two strands of Kid Classic, I cleverly decided to substitute a felted tweed yarn and another mystery yarn, knit together. The store clerk asked me if I was sure, since one was dk weight and the other worsted weight. Not knowing what those terms even meant, I confidently assured her that they would work perfectly. Not so.

the lumpy seam

Not only are the colours hideous together, the tweed is strange in cables and lace. What’s more, I had no idea how to sew the seam and so made a nice, lumpy mess. I was too frustrated to knit the second glove, not really understanding why the first was so ugly.

I’m almost finished my Bianca cardigan, so hopefully there will be more inspiring photos next week…