This weekend was nice and quiet. C. and I finished making half of the wedding invitations, and they look very nice. Here’s a little peek before we mail them out. It feels good to make something so pretty, instead of just buying them (saving the money feels pretty good, too).

There’s not too much knitting to report around here. I’m working my way up the Cowichan-style sweater, learning about calculations and shaping since I’m not only knitting it in one piece, I’m also combining a large size around the hips with the medium sized top. Oh, and trying to figure out how to knit intarsia. Really, sometimes I think I just need to go take a knitting class already.

Speaking of classes, I sadly withdrew from the upcoming session of the weaving class I took in the fall. I realized that spreading myself so thin wasn’t good for my stress level or my skill level. So, for now, I’ll take a break from weaving and focus on improving my knitting and spinning.