It’s too hard to wait for L. when she’s in Victoria and I’m in Burnaby with (finally) some time to knit, so happily started the reindeer sweater by myself. Yesterday I taught myself to knit fair isle so I could start the colourwork – it’s messed with my tension a little but I think it will be ok. It’s exciting how fast you can knit when you’re using needles a little larger than 1mm.

C. and I spent Christmas in Summerland, ate delicious food and relaxed with my family. I love it up there. It was really cold, but no snow. We were lucky to have some beautiful sunny days, including this one below where we all got out for a walk around the orchard. The pink/orange haze in the middle: peach trees getting ready to do their thing in the spring.

So that’s it for 2009. It was a somewhat transitional year for me, hopefully preparing me for the big changes coming next year. Happy New Year! I hope it brings health and happiness for all. See you in 2010.