I finished weaving this green and grey scarf two weeks ago, but I’ve had trouble taking photos of it. The alpaca has given the scarf a bit of a grey halo that looks fine in person but somewhat dull in photos.

It’s amazing how much the scarf plumped up with fulling (although Irene, my weaving teacher, cautions me that it may be dangerously close to being felted). The difference between the piece on the loom and the piece you see above is amazing – it’s still very hard for me to predict what my pieces will look like after they’ve been washed and transformed.

A few technical notes: This scarf was woven at 10 epi, 2/2 twill, from a combination of wool and alpaca yarns. The weft is a fine merino weaving yarn that I dyed. The alpaca, predictably, adds a lot of softness; unpredictably, it went really squirrelly with fulling. The fringes are a loopy, knotted mess because of it – not sure if tighter fringe would prevent this on future projects, but I can’t say I wasn’t warned about mixing fibres in the warp. Otherwise, it’s a nice, soft fabric.