20091106 pink bfl

This hand-dyed blue-faced leicester: weaving procrastination.

I think I’ve got too much on the go. I say this because I keep starting things and working on things but nothing gets done. My new woven scarf is a prime example; I think I started it a month ago, but I only work on it once a week at my weaving class. There are too many things to knit, projects to weave, rovings to dye, colours to think about, and books to read. They’re all too much fun not to work on.

And so we limp along.

20091106 green scarf

The scarf is being woven on a borrowed Nilus Leclerc table loom with various wool and alpaca yarns. To be honest, I’m not digging this new scarf. Part of my brain keeps telling me to do warp-faced projects, but it’s not actually what I end up liking. Plus, I don’t recommend stash-busting for beginner weavers like me. The results are too unpredictable, and in this case I ended up really struggling to find a weft that works with these yarns. I’m hoping for a transformation once it’s washed.

C. just complained, “You know, you really should have a glossary for this blog.” Warp-faced: the warp shows more. In the photo above, the warp is the brown and green yarns. The weft is the thin green yarn running perpendicular to the warp. So for a weft-faced weave, the weft pattern would be dominant and cover up more of the green and brown warp.