I’ve finished the Featherweight Cardigan and have been wearing it a lot – it’s perfect for cool sunny weather.

20091010 featherweight detail

It’s knit in sweetgeorgia’s handpainted lace. It’s amazingly soft, and warm considering it’s made from only two 50g skeins.

I like this pattern much better than Hanna Fettig’s other cardigan, Whisper, which has weird shaping around the armpits. But you should have a look at her patterns if you haven’t already. Because I still consider myself a beginner knitter, I really appreciate the simplicity and elegance of her designs. This one was knit in the round, so no side or shoulder seams to fuss with.

20091011 featherweight back

I knit a 1×1 rib for the border around the front instead of the stockinette suggested by the pattern – I thought it might look funny if the edges rolled, and I know I’d be tugging on it constantly to make it lie flat.

20091011 featherweight front

The only thing I would do differently is the sleeve cuffs. I shortened them to elbow length, but you can see the perma-wrinkle they’ve developed from where I bend my arms. Complicating the matter is the modified tubular bind-off I did on the cuffs, thinking it would be a cleaner edge. It’s too tight- my ripped biceps have kind of maxed out the ribbing, but the bind-off keeps it from stretching out evenly.