20090823 greens food

A birthday cheese and olive plate

Well, it’s been awhile…and I’ve been busy but I’m not quite ready to show off my almost-finished projects.

What have I been up to? Well, we had a very nice trip down the Oregon and California coasts to San Francisco. We went surfing, explored cute little towns, rode the cable car, and celebrated my birthday at the amazing Greens Restaurant on the San Francisco waterfront.

Since I got back, I’ve been working away on some knitting and weaving which I’ll be able to show off soon. But it seems I’ve been doing much collecting of supplies for future projects:

20090823 new silks

Kid mohair, silk, linen, and wool collected at the Gibsons Landing Fibre Fest

I’m most excited about the grey skein in the lower left corner: silk and yak from Treenway Silks. It’s so soft, you really have to feel it to believe it.

20090823 new colours

A few skeins collected in San Francisco - silk (reds) and wool (greens)

Stay tuned – there are good things coming up!

20090823 greens restaurant