20090725 greenblue weft

playing with weft colours

Just trying to make a bit more progress before I go on vacation. This morning I experimented with sewing thread to figure out what colour to dye the 12/2 silk I bought for the weft of my new weaving project. I think I’ve settled on the light green (on the left side) – I think it will look nice and shimmery and maybe even have a bit of an embroidery effect, depending on the pattern I choose.

Despite my best efforts, I didn’t get the featherweight cardi done in time for my travels. But that’s ok, because what else is there to do on a roadtrip? I stubbornly refuse to believe C.’s claim that my retinas will fall out from knitting in a moving car.

20090725 half featherweight

half featherweight

20090725 ring

And finally-

Is that?…Yes. It’s my engagement ring.

Handmade silver and gold by the talented Elizabeth Scott.

See you soon!