I am proud to unveil…

20090718 sampler detail2

…my very first piece of weaving! I can’t tell you how excited I am to be learning to weave. This little sampler, in all its multicoloured glory, taught me about a dozen simple patterns and started me on the long path of learning how colours work in weaving. Despite advice to the contrary, I put it through the delicate cycle in my front-loading washer to full it. It’s much softer now but could use a pressing.

20090718 sampler

It makes me a little dizzy to think of all the possibilities for colours, patterns, fibres – but not so dizzy that I couldn’t run down to the Silk Weaving Studio today to buy a few skeins of 20/2 and 12/2 undyed silk for my next project, already warped. It’s like knitting on fast forward. Now, I know knitting and weaving are two completely different arts and that it’s not really fair to compare them, but it’s so great to see your project unfolding before your eyes instead of labouring away on a knit project at an inch an hour (if you have a few too many projects on #1 needles like I do). Plus, I’m so happy to be spending time in Felicia’s studio – it’s a great space.