20090713 new dyeing1

freshly steamed

I did some dyeing this past weekend. These are mostly merino – both the skeins and the roving. Yes, I’ve learned my lesson about throwing different fibres into the same dye pot. Actually, these went not into a dye pot but into my lovely new steamer that I picked up from Value Village for a steal this past weekend. It’s a vast improvement on the weird rack I tried to rig up for my roaster. That one was basically a tin baking pan with holes punched in it and could only hold the weight of about half a skein of yarn before collapsing.

20090713 new dyeing detail1

20090713 new dyeing detail2

All were handpainted with only magenta, brown, and cobalt washfast acid dyes (although I used some yellow for one skein), wrapped in plastic, and steamed. I’ve been trying to get a nice plum colour for awhile and I think I came fairly close with the skein peeking out of the top of the photo. The goal is to be able to use some of this for a new weaving project – but, not really knowing much about weaving yet, I get a bit stuck with all the variables. What colours look good together? What pattern to weave? What fibre to use? I’m trying not to overthink it but I hope I don’t get laughed out of weaving class when I bring these on Wednesday.