A new start: a Featherweight Cardigan, and this one I really want to finish fast so I can wear it. I love sweetgeorgia’s lace that I ordered specifically for this cardigan – it’s a delicious colour and just slides off the needles as I go. I think I’ll wishfully call this one the Travel Cardi. Yes, lately I’ve been longingly flipping through Ysolda‘s older posts and thinking about Edinburgh, sighing over the sites on Mary Joy‘s blog, and dreaming about other great places in the world. I live in one of those great places, supposedly, but recently it feels a bit pedestrian. I’m tired of commuting downtown. I’m tired of downtown Vancouver itself, the noise and the uninspiring architecture. I want old buildings, to be able to walk to my local yarn shop, to have a farmer’s market nearby, and a good dose of small town friendliness.

featherweight start2


So, to celebrate my 30th birthday, in a few weeks I am driving down the Oregon and California coasts to San Francisco with C., K., and M. Yep, I’m going to revel in every redwood, every strip of farmland, every teeny tiny town, every little yarn shop. I’m going to stuff myself full of delicious locally-grown food, breathe the fresh sea air, and go surfing. And I’m going to do it in my Travel Cardi…I’m knitting as fast as I can.