I’m a big tweed fan. Surprisingly, I haven’t found many bloggers talking about spinning tweed. Let me clarify: I’m not talking about streaks of contrasting colour simply carded into a batt. I’m talking about those pretty little bits of complementary colours sprinkled regularly throughout the finished yarn. Nice, discrete neps.

Carding and spinning up my own tweed has been in the back of my mind for awhile, but I’d been putting it off for several reasons. I’m told it’s tricky to make a solid tweed – that is, to keep the neps from falling out. But really, I just wasn’t sure about the neps. I once tried chopping up waste yarn into the little bits and carding it in, but was less than thrilled with their appearance once spun. It was clear that they were kinked yarn bits and not the delicate little sparks of colour that you usually find in tweed. The word ‘felt’ has come up a few times, but this concept eludes me.

So in the end I dyed this:


merino & silk hankies

And carded it together, spun it, and got this:


handspun tweed

Yuck – not my favourite colour. The silk hankies do a pretty good job of catching on the card teeth to form the neps, but you need really high contrast colours so the tweedy bits don’t get lost in the fibre, like mine did.

Now: jam-making time!


strawberry bath