plum and coffee

plum & coffee silk, merino, and superwash merino

Every time I dye I learn something new. Recently, I thought I was very clever when I cut a hank of undyed superwash yarn into little 2 gram skeins. The plan was to throw a mini-skein into every pot of dye so that I could save it as a record of my colour recipes.

I dyed a pot of silk hankies. The colour on the mini-skein came out fine, but the silk was, well, ugly. I dyed merino roving – the mini-skein came out plum but the roving was a weak magenta. After three confusing tries, I came across a vital little bit of information in a book: dye strikes faster for superwash. Oh.

I think the dye was mostly being sucked up into the mini-skein, leaving very little for the items in the pot that I had intended to dye in the first place. So I re-dyed the roving and got the plummy colour I was hoping for, but no more fancy dye samples for me. From now on I’ll just cut a little corner off the roving after it’s dyed.