I feel like I’m a little behind the curve – Hanami has been knit by everyone and their dog, but rightly so. I’m not that big on flowery, pretty lace most of the time, which is why the geometry of Hanami’s basket weave pattern attracted me. It’s a strong pattern without being too girly, and even the cherry blossom end has a minimalism that I find pleasing. The beads? Those, I can’t explain. I guess even I can’t resist a bit of sparkle.

hanami start

Hanami basket weave

The yarn is Fiddlesticks Zephyr Wool-Silk, a yarn I’ve worked with before and liked. This is my first large-scale lace work, so the first dozen rows were slow going. But I’m picking up speed and confidence, so look out world! Another Hanami is on its way.