I had concluded back in February that I could neither afford nor get the time off work to attend this year’s SOAR in Sunriver, Oregon. I was okay with that until we reached the registration date a few days ago, when I suddenly felt that I might have made the wrong decision. Ah, regret. I frantically looked through the workshops again to confirm what I’ll be missing out on. Yep, I’m missing out on some great carding, exotic fibre, colour, and felting workshops. Really, when will the next SOAR be close enough for me to drive to? What was I thinking?

Feeling sorry for myself, I grabbed some leftover bits of merino and some silk hankies and threw them in the dye pot. I’ve had a little experiment on my mind for awhile, and so it starts. I also picked up some handcarders on my way home from work yesterday. Curious yet? No? How about if I show you this –


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