big, blowsy blooms

This is the time of year that my internal struggle begins. I love equally the things I do outdoors and the things I do indoors – things like knitting, spinning, felting, and cooking. But there’s some real guilt when I’m sitting knitting and looking out the window at the beautiful spring evenings passing me by.

It’s time for peonies, one of my favourite flowers. My favourite maidenhair fern has happily sprouted and makes my balcony look so much brighter. Between a short camping trip to Vancouver Island, a week in the Okanagan, and warm evening walks, I’m feeling downright springy.


maidenhair fronds

That’s why progress has slowed on the knitting front. I creep along with two rows a night on the Plum Gloves, and dreaming up colours is as close as I’ve gotten to dyeing anything. It’s been a little more challenging than I thought to create a size Small for these gloves, but I think I’ve got it figured out after fiddling with the thumb area a few times. The original pattern was more like a large, I think.


plum glove progress