Germaine Koh is one of my favourite installation artists – not that I’m familiar with many installation artists, but I find her work particularly interesting and, well, germane. She is currently part of the How Soon Is Now show at the Vancouver Art Gallery, but I wanted to mention one of her older pieces called Knitwork.

Fascinating! – especially fascinating was my gut reaction of what a waste. Imagine spending years knitting something that no one will ever wear. On the other hand, imagine the meditative benefits of knitting for years without the pressure of ever completing the thing.

She says the piece is about contrasting productive labour and mundane activity, but I can’t help expand that to be a juxtaposition of art and craft. I hate that we distinguish between art and craft, probably because I’ve had one too many people give me that strange pitying look when they find out I knit. Product vs process, hobby vs career, art vs craft…why do we have so many words that polarize these two concepts?

Last weekend I slipped out to Fibres West and tried to restrict my purchases to local vendors and products. I returned with some softer-than-alpaca llama fibre from Wishing Hills Farm and a merino/angora blend from Prince George. I have big ideas for the llama, so stay tuned…

And, my little piglets, so you don’t get bored of this post without any pictures to look at, I thought I would pass on this funny video that’s been going around the interwebs for a few weeks. Now that’s art.