finished silk & merino

Finally…the silk and merino has been spun, plied, and washed. I can’t help but ask myself why did I do that? Here are the stats:

  • 50/50 silk & merino, carded by moi. Why? Because I wanted to try. +1.5 hours.
  • 3 ply. Why? Because I wanted to try. +30% more time.
  • sportweight/fingering weight. Why? Because it was for a dear friend…but even though I got the weight right, I was way short on the yardage. +many hours.

Therefore, a series of lessons learned. The yarn is beautiful but just didn’t cut it for Karin’s project. I’ll probably dye it to continue the epic but I won’t be making more 3 ply laceweight anytime soon…

**Update: the yarn will have a home after all, instead of being orphaned to my yarn basket. Karin decided to do the baby cardigan in blue and white stripes!


last minute drying