An update on my remarkably slow progress on the beaded cardigan…


blocked fronts

This morning I washed and blocked the two front pieces. Two things were immediately apparent:

  1. I misread the neck shaping instructions, adding about 15 extra rows. Both sides. Oh well, it could be a lot worse, right?
  2. I really need to learn how to do short rows.

But, just two sleeves to go. I really hope this turns out.


there are beads in there...

Plus, a little test swatch of the handspun silk and merino. I’ve always appreciated handmade things, but this process has upped the ante. The time and care involved in carding, spinning, dyeing, and knitting is amazing. A woman I once knew was horrified that I bought my clothing in consignment and thrift stores, because she believed that the (potentially negative) energy of the previous owners was still somehow occupying the fibres of the clothes. Whatever you think about that, it’s interesting to consider all the energy that goes into handspun and handknit items that makes them so much more special than something from Cheap-Mart…or maybe I’ve just watched Like Water for Chocolate one too many times.