The sun is finally out and my workshop dyeing photographed. It’s about time on both counts, since the workshop was almost a week ago, and the sun’s been gone for about a year and a half.


immersion dyed merino and bfl

The workshop was great. We did a range of kettle dyeing, hand-painting, and immersion dyeing. I stuck mostly to just a few colours: turquoise, yellow, and magenta. Upon arriving at home, I looked through the powdered dyes I optimistically bought last year and haven’t had the time or space to use. And guess what colours? Yep, turquoise, yellow, and magenta. Sigh. Foresight? Coincidence? I hope everybody likes these colours because that’s what I’ll be dyeing with for the next while.


kettle dyed handspun

The kettle dyeing was the most challenging; my pours were blotchy and my colour choices less than inspired. But I’d like to get better at this technique because I think there’s real potential for unique colour combinations and variegation.


hand-painted silk in mermaid colours

Felicia’s studio was a fantastic place to learn to dye; she’s very generous with her knowledge and crammed a ton of useful information into 3 hours. I’m so pleased that I keep dreaming up colour combinations for my next knitting projects – for once, instead of wanting to buy yarn I want to spin and dye it myself! Check out the bamboo and merino roving. The bamboo, being a vegetable fibre, was left undyed by the acid dyes that coloured the wool. This one, I’m excited about spinning.


hand painted bamboo and merino roving