toasty leg warmers

toasty leg warmers

Whew…even bloggers need a holiday. It’s been awhile, but I’m excited about 2009 and all the new projects it brings.

Thanks to an unheard of amount of snow this holiday that kept me housebound for a few days, the leg warmers are finished, buttons and all. As I said before, I was surprised at the challenge of writing my own pattern, despite the simplicity. After wearing them for a day, I’ve discovered a few things that I would do differently – more overlap at the buttons and smaller button holes for sure. But they were true to their name and kept my legs toasty warm all day.

While I’m still working on the never-ending cardigan, I’ve been spinning like crazy in preparation for a dyeing workshop I’ll be taking at the end of January. I’ve also signed up for a second round of spinning at Place des Arts and await the arrival of my lovely new spinning wheel. After a trip to the amazing Weaving Works in Seattle over the holiday, I’ll need it to spin up all the wool and silk I now have.

My number one resolution this year? Buy less, make more!