Those of you who know me know that I love pickles.

Michelle and I made pickles about two months ago. That means it’s about time to open up those babies and do a taste test! These ones were made with lots of whole spices, as you can see, plus a fiery chile in each jar.

And while we’re on the subject of food, a few weeks ago when we were in Summerland, Camilo and I walked down to the lone walnut tree on my parents’ orchard. Most of the walnuts were gone, eaten by birds and bears. But we managed to collect a few pocketfuls.

These walnuts still need to cure to develop their flavour, but I still had some from last year that I ground up for a maple cheesecake crust.

The hulls of black walnuts can be made into dye that will give a range of colours from greeny tan to dark chocolate brown. Apparently the leaves can also be used. I’ll give this a try one day when I have more room to make a mess.